Essay Writing Coaching

Written on my white board was the following: “Every Saturday from 7:00-10:00 am, I will be at Kowaski’s coffee shop if anyone needs help on their college application writing.”

My husband would watch our three children while I took extra time on Saturdays to build a deeper relationship with my students and guide them to acceptances into their top colleges. Every weekend brought a different group seeking my help on their college essays, personal statements, short answers, supplementary essays, scholarship letters, emails, etc. Some were my students; some were not. But each of them had a personal story to tell, and I decided that helping them craft an authentic application was an honor and a gift.

After doing this for more than over a decade out of the goodness of an “educator’s heart,” a parent insisted on paying me for helping her son who was applying to Cornell University as a student-athlete. After seeing what her son produced during our sessions, she encouraged me to create My Editor in Chief.

I look forward to meeting you and your students. Let’s get started!

Marisa J. Novak

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